My name is Loyce Valenzuela. You can often find me in the Chatter Box at my favorite Bitcoin casino Rollin.io, where I am also a Moderator.

Lately more and more Bots are added to Chatter Box, by our cool Mod madcoin. From these Bots you can earn some free Bitcoins, have some fun, and use a lot of commands, such as converting Bitcoin value to dollars.

I have created RollinGames.wordpress.com to provide an overview of the available games and commands for rollin users (and myself).

Free Bitcoins

Let’s face it: that’s why you’re here 😀
If you receive Bitcoins from any of the games, you are free to do with your money as you please. Rollin has no rollover requirement for any of its promotions.
You can try his luck at Rollin, withdraw instantly, buy lottery tickets, or share it as a tip or rain. It’s all up to you.