ChatBot is an informative Bot in Chatter Box. Try it!

Most commands can be used either in public chat, or in pm: /pm ChatBot ~btc



  • ~btc (or ~ltc, ~eth, ~doge and any other cryptocurrency) — gives its value in dollars
  • ~bust < chance >|< base_bet >|< bankroll >|< inc_on_lost% ( optional ) >|< inc_every_lost ( optional ) > — shows how many reds your strategy can handle
  • ~chatrules — summary of chat rules
  • ~cmd — shows some of the possible commands
  • ~contests — shows information on Contests and Giveaways (when active)
  • ~cv [currency] [currency] [amount] — convert currencies
  • ~dicebot — shows link to Seuntjie’s Dicebot
  • ~freetickets — shows information on how to obtain Free Lottery Tickets (when active)
  • ~lastblock — shows when the last Bitcoin block was found
  • ~levels — info on levels
  • ~maxprofit — shows the maximum payout per individual bet
  • ~nextlevel — how much to wager to level-up
  • ~rainbot — info on Rain Bot
  • ~rooms — shows how to switch to Multi Chat for other languages than English
  • ~seen [username] — when was he last chatting?
  • ~subscribe-block — sends you a PM when a new bitcoin block is found
  • ~unsubscribe-block — stops the PMs
  • ~warn — tells you what not to do in Chat
  • ~xmas — shows information on Rollin’s Christmas/New Years Lottery (when active)

Fun Commands (unrelated to Bitcoin)

  • ~fortune — shows a fortune cookie message*
  • ~joke — makes a joke including that user
  • ~love — shows your love-match with the person/object. No guarantees though!
  • ~ud — Urban Dictionary lookup (it sends long answers by PM)*

Commands for Mods

  • ~quote — shows a famous quote
  • ~mutes — ChatBot works for Mods only
  • ~unmutes — ChatBot works for all users

*Only once per minute in public chat, unlimited in PM