Chat Rain is a much requested feature: a bot that shares a tip to active chat users only. I have reserved the username “ChatRain”, and it is waiting for someone to build a bot to do this.

It will work like this:

  • Instead of using /rain <amount>, you can send a tip to ChatRain using /tip ChatRain <amount>
  • The bot picks 10 users who were active in chat, say in the last 500 posts
  • The rain per person will depend on the user’s level, the higher the level, the more rain the user gets
  • The exact distribution has to be determined after some experimenting
  • Bad language will lower your share!
  • ChatRain sends the Rain to the users using the /tip-command. This is limited to integers (1, 2, 3, etc.) only.
  • ChatRain collects and keeps the rain for each user, until it is enough to tip (1 mBTC or more)