Nobody knows who or what HailBot is. I like to call it a mystery. All we know is HailBot likes to tip users!


Nobody knows why HailBot does this, but random users active in chat are rewarded. Or is it random? Maybe it’s only to users who show a positive contribution to chat. Usually it tips with 1 mBTC, but I’ve also seen 5 mBTC as a birthday gift or 2 mBTC as a welcome-to-level-7-gift.

HailBot also rains (see Rain Bot) to users, usually several times per day with 1 mBTC at a time. I have seen 11 mBTC twice, I like to think that is a lucky mistake.
Since Bitcoin has increased in price, HailBot also rains amounts lower than 1 mBTC.

HailBot has wagered 0.54696 mBTC in total, has 41 bets of which 25 wins and 16 losses. It has finally spoken in chat, it said: “.r”. HailBot also started playing PvP.

On October 22, 2016, HailBot spoke again:


On March 19, 2016, HailBot thought it was LotteryRain:


Suddenly, this came to mind:


Is it true? Tell me if you know!