Lottery is a Bot in Chatter Box, created by Mod madcoin. Although it’s been running since June 2016, it is still experimental.

How it works

  • Tip 1 mBTC to user “Lottery” to buy 10 lottery tickets
  • Tickets start with number 1. If you tip 2 mBTC you receive 20 tickets.
  • Lottery has 3 Draws every 1000 Bitcoin blocks. This means approximately 3 Draws per week.
    It Draws at Blocks xxx200, xxx500 and xxx000. After that, it waits for 1 (or 3) more block(s) to pick 1 (or 3) winning Ticket(s). It uses the hashes from these blocks as input to create a random number. The second hash is used as the first input.
    The winners receive their prize in their Rollin account right after the Draw.
  • For small pots: One winner takes all!
  • If the pot reaches 10 mBTC (or more), it will be split into 3 prizes (rounding applies):
    • 1st prize: 60% (uses block hashes 3 and 4)
    • 2nd prize: 30% (uses block hashes 2 and 3)
    • 3rd prize: 10% (uses block hashes 1 and 2)
  • This means the 3rd prize will be announced in Chat first. After that, Lottery Bot waits for another block to be found.
  • Lottery aims to be open and fair. Fair meaning nobody can knows the winner before the Draw, and everybody can verify the result. All logs are public.
  • Lottery uses the Rollin algorithm to generate a random number from 0 to number-of-tickets-sold. This has one limitation: tickets start at 1, so if a 0 comes up, Lottery will add -1 to the block-hashes, then draw again. If 0 turns up again, this is repeated with -2, until a non-zero number is drawn.

Daily Giveaway Ended

We give away up to 100 Free Lottery Tickets per day! Claim your Free Lottery Ticket in our Giveaway thread on bitcointalk.

Available commands

  • ~lottery detail(s) — obviously it gives you details
  • ~lottery d(onate-ticket) <ticketnumber,anotherticketnumber> — donate as many tickets as you want, as long as you keep one ticket for yourself. Selected users, for example FLT, can donate their last ticket too. Users who never talked in chat aren’t recognized by Lottery Bot and can’t receive tickets
  • ~lottery entries — tells you who joined (updated every 30 minutes)
  • ~lottery fakedraw — tells you who would have won if the last Bitcoin Blocks would have been used for the Draw. Only works if prize pot is 10 mBTC or more
  • ~lottery last — tells you where to find full details on the last draw
  • ~lottery logs — tells you where to get full logs of all Lottery Games
  • ~lottery myticket(s) — lists your ticket(s) in PM
  • ~lottery next(draw) — tells you how much time is left to buy tickets
  • ~lottery pot — tells you the total prize pot
  • ~lottery prize(s) — tells how what prizes are available
  • ~lottery rain — rain N (2 or more) tickets to the last 10 people posting in Chat. Keep in mind that you have to keep at least one ticket for yourself.
  • ~lottery user — list username’s tickets in PM

Commands for Mods

  • ~lottery set-block xxxxxx — set the next Draw at Bitcoin Block xxxxxx

It is possible – and has happened – that someone buys a lot of tickets, say 500 mBTC for 5,000 tickets. That user is very likely to win, but also raises the prize for all other users. In the end playing against one user with 500 times more tickets than you have is no different than playing against 500 users with 10 tickets each.


  • If you’re a new user, talk in chat before tipping Lottery. Otherwise you can’t join and your tip will be returned
  • HailBot, PvP and Admins, although we all love you, you can’t join. If you tip Lottery, it’s a gift added to the pot
  • Users on the other hand are free to donate-ticket to HailBot or PvP if they want.