PvP stands for: “Player versus Player”, a game played against one or more other users, without a house edge.
Please play PvP with only one account at a time.

It is common knowledge that Tryme4pkr usually wins this. Like here:


I don’t know how he does it! You have been warned, but feel free to try your luck 😀

To play, just tip any amount to PvP. Example: /tip pvp 1
The bot will tell you what to do, or do it for you if you don’t respond.
If nobody joins, the Bot returns your money.

The highest PvP-challenge I’ve seen


Commands for Mods

  • ~cancel — interrupt a game, all tips are returned
  • ~pvp-on — start the bot
  • ~pvp-off — stop the bot
  • ~pvp-restart — restart the bot
  • ~pvp-balance — shows its balance (outdated command, use /stat PvP)
  • ~pvp-trans 10 — shows the 10 last tips
  • ~pvp-tip <user> <amount> — makes PvP tip a user if something went wrong